Tuesday, June 1, 2010

He kissed her head for the last time.

He walked on and got ran over by a van.

The van stopped.

She banged the door to ask for help.

He was still breathing.

The driver was afraid.

The van drove off leaving the couple.

She never got the chance to observe the license plate.

He was bleeding a lot.

She grasped his hand.

He wanted to return the grasp, but it was too late.

There was no more life in him.

She cried.

Called the ambulance.

Went to the police.

Told everything.

But she couldnt let the driver go.

She searched the whole town for the van.

She found it at an old parking lot.

She had a shot at revenge.

She couldnt do it.

The driver said it was an accident.

"I panicked. I didnt know what to do."

She laughed histerically.

Then tears streamed down her cheeks.

As she sat next to his grave holding a white rose,

She said politely.

"It was a hit and run"

Monday, May 31, 2010

When i was younger,
I saw my daddy cry,
He broke his own heart,
And i watched,
As he tried to reassemble it,
And my mother swore that,
She would never let herself forget,
And that was the day that i promised,
I'd never sing of love,
If it does not exist.

You are the only exception.

Maybe i know, somewhere
Deep in my soul,
That love never lasts,
And we've got to find other ways,
To make it alone,
Or keep a straight face,
And I've always lived like this,
Keeping a comfortable distance,
And up until now,
I swore to myself that i'm content,
With loneliness,
Because none of it was ever worth the risk.

You are the only exception.

I've got a tight grip on reality,
But i cant let go of what's in front of me here,
Please leave me some kind of proof,
That its not a dream.

You are the only exception.

P/S : Please get well. =[

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tertulis di satu muka surat buku bahawa hidupnya seorang insan berumur 90.
Mukanya berkerut dan kulitnye pun sudah lendur. Namun ilmu di dada tak pernah lekang mengingatkannye tentang segala tragedi yang berlalu di masa lepas.
Kalau boleh diputar masa, die pasti tidak akan mengubah satu pun kisah lampaunye. Ini yang aku inginkan.Ini yang semua inginkan. Betapa indahnye. God please, give me a reason, i'm down on bended knees. Show me the beauty of this storm. Let me get the light at the end of the horizon. Sakit sgt kpale ni. Jadikanlah aku seperti tok nor.

p/s. makan ubat.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kematian adalah muktamad. Every single thing that lives, will eventually die. In religion, its a matter of god's love. If god loves you more, god will take you first. The eventful frightening agenda of life ends with a gray silent situation that eventually turns black. Kau tahu kenape orang putih suke pakai hitam bile upacara pengebumian? (sebab islam pakai putih). Haha. X de la. Black is a color that mainly shows grief and uncertainty. Manusia ni banyak ragam, tengok rambut same hitam, tapi hati siapa yang tahu. The exact opposite for the white color. It mainly shows truth and hostility. Dan kerana itulah islam memilih putih. (rasenyela). Mama pernah cakap 'imran kalau tak tahu, jangan buat'. Memang tak la aku dengar. Ikut hati, mati. Ikut mak? Haha! Love brings hope, and hope brings opportunity. Success comes after hard work, but death? Muktamad. Segala permulaan mesti ade pengakhiran. Darah muda! Membuak apabila ditegur. Membuak melihat perkara yang menyakitkan mata. Membuak melihat kegagalan. We fail to see the positive side when our blood runs faster than the way it should. Perspektif. Digarap dari perkataan perspek, benda yang seakan cermin namun dibuat menggunakan plastik. Not as fragile as glass. Can bend and mould. We are the generation that people want to see fail. Lets give them a new perspective so that they can see a more positive side of us. Shall we?

Nyte b.
I love u too.
I miss u too.
Learn hard, eh?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We listen. Thats the meaning of music. People humming and screaming. Making lovely tunes out of basically everything they can find. Search for every object u can see, there's a song about it.Mungkin kedengaran pelik, tapi bile mak membebel, boyfriend/girlfriend bising, ayah bercakap, member wat lawak sekalipon, mesti ade teringat kat satu lagu yang merepek. Thats the problem, sometimes we think we're listening. We just nod or geleng our cute head wishing they would actually stop. But they dont. Suddenly, 'KAU DENGAR X AKU CAKAP APE NI?' haha. Kene tegur. Then only u reply with the simplest answer or the simplest understanding of an answer that u think is right. When u say u love someone, u expect them to listen. 'I LOVE YOU'. Angguk lagi. Haha. Its a simple gesture, but it still gives hope. At least aku rase kau dengar lah kan. There's always a twist. Macam movie la jugak. Bile muke muram, cakap slow, tangan kuyu macam biskut cicah kopi. Signs that can only be seen by others. Kalau tengok cermin pon x nampak. Sumpah lawak. Nowadays people dont listen as much as they used to in the good old days. Mak bapak dah berbuih mulut suruh korang basuh tuala berdaki tu, tapi kepala asyik head banging dekat lagu MUSE tu. Bile dah kene kurap baru nak terhegeh-hegeh rendam tuala dalam air panas. Bapak aku tak penah kene kurap pon. Ye la, bapak kau x dengar MUSE. Haha. Okay, serious. Listening can be useful at times, but its usually painful. The truth is hard to handle. You cannot learn truth. You have to get it from somebody who knows it. The earh makes music too. Birds chirping, sound of rain falling followed by thunder(double pedal), cengkerik kat dalam hutan, waves crashing by the seashore and many others. Just try and listen, u'll feel a lil bit calmer and have hope in your heart. All i am saying is when people text, or call, or even talk to you straight in the face, just listen. I mean really listen. Try to understand the words coming out of their mouth. It may take some time, but u will learn that it is a useful trade in this big, bould world. Cubelah.

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